Complicated machine learning pipelines are a thing of the past.

Forget training data, feature design, and parameter tuning.

Our man-machine algorithms automatically decide when to apply our deep learning models and when they need human intervention.

You pass us categories and any instructions – and that's it.

How does it work?

We start by routing all data to our in-house fleet of human labelers.

Once we've collected enough labels to train our models, we add our machine learning algorithms into the mix.

Difficult examples are automatically sent to our human team, so that we always meet your accuracy standards.

We continually retrain, monitor accuracy, and gather more data, so you never have to worry about your model growing stale.

Spam Detection

Worried about spammy users, profiles, or comments? Keep your site clean with a custom spam detector.

Customer Support Classification

Too many emails to handle? Use machine learning to scale your support.

Product Categorization

Customers having trouble finding what they want? Add product classifiers to organize your inventory.

Image Recognition

Coming soon!

Add machine learning to your business today.

1¢ per machine classification

10¢ per human classification

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